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SCIDpda Supports Small Business Neighbors With Protective Window Films

By Stacy Nguyen, journalist, designer, and community member

The Seattle Chinatown International District Preservation and Development Authority (SCIDpda) is a community development organization that preserves, promotes, and develops the Chinatown International District (CID) so that it can continue to be vibrant, culturally unique, and community-centered. It does this through affordable housing and commercial property management, community economic development and community engagement, and real estate development.

During the pandemic, so many small family-run businesses in the Chinatown International District neighborhood suffered increased break-ins, burglary, and vandalism. Not only did business owners have to tend to property damage and face interruptions to their operations, the plywood boards that were put over broken windows as a temporary solution also had their own limitations. The wood boards limited visibility — both for folks on the inside and outside of businesses — and thus impeded businesses’ abilities to operate. 

SCIDpda is part of the CID Small Business Relief Team, which also includes Friends of Little Sài Gòn (FLS) and the CID Business Improvement Area (CIDBIA). All three organizations saw, heard, and understood their neighbors’ struggles and responded by securing resources and funds for businesses to install security film over windows.

Security film is a protective device that makes window glass stronger, yet still transparent, allowing for lights and sights to still flow through. The film is made of a thick plastic material and special adhesive. When applied to glass, it prevents glass from shattering into pieces, and leaving an entry point into businesses, when struck. (Another perk of security film is that it’s also handy in natural disasters, such as in earthquakes.) 

In addition to facilitating and overseeing the installation of security film alongside the CIDBIA and FLS, SCIDpda has also promoted public safety by partnering with other CID-based nonprofits such as International Community Health Services and Friends of Little Saigon to hold pop-up vaccination clinics in the CID to get residents protected against COVID-19. SCIDpda also continues to be involved in safety advocacy, playing an active role in the CID Public Safety Council and the Public Safety Forum. 

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This blog is part of our Support Your Neighbors in the CID series, which spotlights amazing folks in the Chinatown International District, nominated by their neighbors for doing cool and impactful work around community safety.