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Help Us Improve Our Website!

We need your help to improve the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods website! We’re recruiting participants for two studies, one focused on usability and the other on accessibility. Usability Study If you are interested in participating in our usability study you will just need to fill out a short questionnaire. This is used to… [ Keep reading ]

Celebrate random acts of kindness: nominate your neighbor to be recognized for Neighbor Day!

Español 繁體中文 Tiếng Việt In 1995, Phinney Ridge activist Judith Wood suggested that the City designate “a special day to celebrate the goodness in those around us and to reach out and strengthen our bonds to each other.” Mayor Norm Rice declared this Neighbor Appreciation Day, and the observance has… [ Keep reading ]

Youth soccer program helps East African students build community

Life as an adolescent can be challenging, but for immigrant and refugee children, language and cultural barriers can make the challenges of youth even harder. The founders of the Somali Youth Soccer Association wanted to find a way to help kids overcome those challenges. Their East African Homework Help and… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: The Cayton-Revels Family

It is well known that history books are deeply stained with racism and bigotry. This is true across the nation and is no different here in Seattle. That is why so few people have heard of Susie Revels and Horace Cayton. Horace Cayton was the child of a Mississippi slave… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: Wa Na Wari

For more than 50 years, the blue Craftsman located at 911 24th Ave in the Central District was home to many different extended family members of Frank and Goldyn Green, who purchased the house in 1951. When Inye Wokoma became the guardian of his family’s estate in 2016, he began… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: Communion

Chef Kristi Brown rose to culinary fame in the area with her “Seattle Soul” food. She defines the cuisine as “rooted in tradition with innovations based on experiences and influences from Seattle’s lush cultural landscape.” A graduate of Seattle Culinary Academy, Brown started the catering business and culinary brand That… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: Roberta Byrd Barr

Roberta Byrd Barr’s career path was anything but a straight line. As an educator, civil rights leader, actor, librarian, and T.V. personality, she awakened the Seattle community to civil rights and social justice issues often overlooked in mainstream media. As a Seattle Public Schools elementary teacher in 1966, she headed… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: Black & Tan Hall

The term “black and tan” originated in Harlem to identify clubs where patrons of all races were welcome despite segregation laws. The Black & Tan Club in Seattle opened in the early 1920s and operated for nearly five decades. The popular venue was located at 12th and Jackson. Originally named… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: Vickie Williams

When Vickie Williams opened the doors to the first Black-owned bookstore in Washington more than 20 years ago, she had a vision. She envisioned a place where the Black community could gather safely to learn about their heritage and empower each other. Located in Columbia City, Life Enrichment Bookstore (L.E.M.S)… [ Keep reading ]

Black History Month: Tougo Coffee

Since opening in 2007, Tougo Coffee has endured a slew of uphill battles. The shop has survived an economic recession, gentrification, a global pandemic, and a recent robbery-as if running a Mom and Pop coffee shop in a corporate coffee city isn’t hard enough. Through it all, owner Brian Wells… [ Keep reading ]