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Reimagine Seattle: Amber Flame

In this video submission for the Reimagine Seattle series, interdisciplinary artist, writer, activist, and educator, Amber Flame reflects on the challenges and hardships of the past few years, the intentionality of community, the non-committal nature of Seattle, and reimagining the future where she truly feels part of a whole. Amber… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Kimisha Turner

Reimagining Seattle by Kimisha Turner On the surface, for outsiders looking in, Seattle is a utopia of high literacy ratings, progressive ideals, and tech-savvy, planet-saving diversity encased in lush green Narnia-like surroundings. The water is beautiful; there are great places to hike, ski, and explore; and quirky fashion and interesting… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Arianne True

Seattle Sonata (legato, every note legato) by Arianne True I – razbliuto It’s hard to be in love with someone who can change so much. My city left me behind chasing a seat at the table when our table was already set, overflowing with possibility and art and people who… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Dominique Davis

Dominique Davis is Founder and CEO of Community Passageways, where he works to improve racial parity in schools, prisons and communities. He received his PhD in the streets, from the University of Rainier and Henderson. He established Community Passageways in 2016, after multiple gun related deaths and incidents on Rainier… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Ebo Barton

The Future of Seattle by Ebo Barton There is something so incredible that I’ve witnessed because of the people I am connected with. This virus, this government, this millionaire, these damn police, this other millionaire, these laws, the people we have lost and lost and lost in all of this,… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Eileen Jimenez

What Does Justice Demand of Us words and art by Eileen Jimenez This piece was created by hand-carving and hand-printing linoleum and was finished digitally. It was inspired by reflections I have had about justice; what justice is and what justice demands of us. More and more, I am understanding… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Sean Goode

I Know What You Did Last Summer by Sean Goode It was June 2020 and 8,000 people gathered, shouted, mourned, and marched together through South Seattle. The sky was clear, yet a cacophony of “Black Lives Matter” chants rained down on the very same streets where Black bodies have historically… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Stevie Shao

The Butterfly Kite art and words by Stevie Shao When I was growing up in Seattle, my dad picked up a hobby — kite flying. I don’t remember what drew him to it, or when it started exactly, but he still gazes out the window at my parent’s home and… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Rachel Heaton

Reimagining Seattle by Rachel Heaton When I think of completely reimagining our city, so much comes to mind. First, I’m honored to be asked to contribute to the task and next, I thought, Wow! How do I really imagine the future of my city beyond the work I currently put… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Sophia Malik and Shakeitha Howard

In the Seattle We Imagine by Sophia Malik & Shakeitha Howard For decades, altruistic health care workers have been the glue holding together a broken healthcare system. When microscopic COVID-19 virus particles found their way into the many crevices of that system, they cracked it open for all to see… [ Keep reading ]