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Reimagine Seattle: Sean Goode

I Know What You Did Last Summer by Sean Goode It was June 2020 and 8,000 people gathered, shouted, mourned, and marched together through South Seattle. The sky was clear, yet a cacophony of “Black Lives Matter” chants rained down on the very same streets where Black bodies have historically… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Stevie Shao

The Butterfly Kite art and words by Stevie Shao When I was growing up in Seattle, my dad picked up a hobby — kite flying. I don’t remember what drew him to it, or when it started exactly, but he still gazes out the window at my parent’s home and… [ Keep reading ]

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Reimagine Seattle: Rachel Heaton

Reimagining Seattle by Rachel Heaton When I think of completely reimagining our city, so much comes to mind. First, I’m honored to be asked to contribute to the task and next, I thought, Wow! How do I really imagine the future of my city beyond the work I currently put… [ Keep reading ]

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Reimagine Seattle: Sophia Malik and Shakeitha Howard

In the Seattle We Imagine by Sophia Malik & Shakeitha Howard For decades, altruistic health care workers have been the glue holding together a broken healthcare system. When microscopic COVID-19 virus particles found their way into the many crevices of that system, they cracked it open for all to see… [ Keep reading ]

Community Liaison Abdirahman Hashi shares the Somali American experience

Abdirahman Hashi is a veteran workforce development and human services professional with an extensive background in employment, training, housing, public health, and community relations. In his work, Abdi addresses socio-economic barriers, health disparities and racial equity in the greater King County region. He offers technical assistance to grassroot organizations and… [ Keep reading ]

Community Liaison Rocio Briones talks about how to support Latinx businesses

Though Seattle may seem like a highly connected city, some of our most vulnerable residents lack consistent access to computers, smart phones, and reliable internet. To amplify and understand the needs of these residents, Community Liaisons partnered with members of the City of Seattle’s Internet for All Working Group to… [ Keep reading ]

Rediscover Seattle encourages people to support local small businesses in their neighborhood

As the city begins to reopen and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to encourage the people of Seattle to venture out and support small businesses. To jumpstart this process, we’ve launched a social media campaign called Rediscover Seattle that features profiles of local businesses and landmarks to help folks discover new places in… [ Keep reading ]

Community Liaison Amanda Richer Goes inside One Health Clinic to Learn about the Digital Gap

Amanda J. Richer has experienced homelessness herself and is familiar with many of the issues the unhoused community faces. For this project, she talked with One Health Clinic to learn the needs of their clients so she could bring those stories back to City staff. Why did you choose to… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: ChrisTiana ObeySumner

Hindsight – Reflections on 2020 by ChrisTiana ObeySumner I have been calling 2020 the “existential master class in inequity” because it was the year that the universe kept pelting society in the face with glaringly obvious injustices and systemic violence towards communities who’ve been trying to tell us this whole… [ Keep reading ]

Reimagine Seattle: Henry Liu

words & video by Henry Liu In response to COVID-19, I started a project of delivering culturally appropriate groceries and providing internet services to over 1,000 marginalized families living in Chinatown. To ensure the grocery items meet the dietary needs of my ethnically-diverse audiences, I telecommunicate with housing managers, residents,… [ Keep reading ]